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Do you struggle with cavities?  Does it seem like every time you or your children visit the dentist there is another cavity? Did you know that dental decay is an infection that can be transferred from mother to baby, or from person to person? We here at Gentle Dental make a point to stay up to date on current dental sciences and technologies. That's why our experienced team thoroughly assesses and provides you with a detailed plan to help stop the cycle of recurrent tooth decay. Periodontal disease, or an infection of the tissues supporting the teeth--gum tissue and bone--can be as silent and painless as high blood pressure, and often just as serious. At Gentle Dental we consider it our calling to deliver helpful information and strategies to implement techniques to prevent the development of new cavities and oral infections in you and your family.


We here at Gentle Dental are well aware how challenging it is to take the time away from your daily life to prioritize your healthcare. For this reason, we have taken the steps to allow us to provide the most effective and efficient treatments possible with modern technology when you visit our office. Optimizing the time you spend in our practice allows you to spend less time away from your daily life, while our technologies and highly trained personnel allow us to complete many dental needs in one day!


If state-of-the-art dentistry from the heart of a team of caring and well-trained individuals appeals to you, please contact our patient care coordinators at 907-262-8834 or below in the patient contact form.


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