What we do.

Because we believe a healthy body begins with a healthy mouth, we invest in the best training, technology and people to partner with you and deliver health-centered dental care to you and your loved ones.

Because a healthy life is a better life!


CEREC® is a method to restore broken, chipped teeth in a single visit. Learn More

Cone Beam Imaging

We leave nothing to chance.  This is why Dr. White provides 3-D imaging for thorough and precise diagnosis. Learn More.

Dental Implants

Stop worrying about missing teeth!   Did you know that more than 60% of middle-aged adults have missing teeth?. Learn More

Preventive Dentistry

At Gentle Dental we believe the best dentistry is the least amount of dentistry! Learn More

Clear Aligners

Have you always wanted a straight, beautiful smile?  Invisalign® could be the solution that gives you the smile you've wanted without the pain and hassle of traditional wire braces. Learn More

Patient Care

Our experienced team assesses each patient and provides you with a detailed individualized plan to help stop this cycle. Learn More

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